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Evangel Paul Kopp (1917-2014) was the founder of Zion Christian Mission and ministered in over 70 countries throughout his life, praying for healing for the sick and salvation for the lost. He visited Israel many times, starting in 1954. E. Paul obtained William Hull’s Zion Apostolic Mission during 1961-1962 and renamed it Zion Christian Mission which was the forerunner of today’s Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation. E. Paul also served on the pastoral staff of the Hispanic congregation of Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, California during his latter years.

Charles (Chuck) (JCF Chairman) and Elizabeth (Liz) Kopp are ministers at Narkis St. Congregation and have lived in Israel since the 1960’s. Chuck first visited Israel in 1959 eventually moving here in 1966. He is one of the longest serving evangelical leaders in Israel and Chairman of the Evangelical Alliance Israel), a network of more than 30 churches and organizations working in Israel. Liz is the head worship leader of Narkis St. Congregation and has maintained charity work among several orphanages in the Bethlehem area over the years. Chuck and Liz have seven children and 13 grandchildren.

Jon (Yoni) Gerrish (JCF Israel Director) is a graduate of Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee and has lived in Israel since 1982. He is a licensed Israel tour guide with a special affinity for wilderness hikes, camping trips, and in-depth biblical study tours. He holds an M.A. from Jerusalem University College in New Testament Backgrounds. Yoni is married to Dalia and they have four children.

Larry and Mary Ehrlich (JCF USA Directors) have had a focus of ministry towards Israel since the 1980’s. The Ehrlichs ministered many years at Twin City Fellowship, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Larry was U.S. Director of Bridges For Peace from 1994-2002. He holds an M.Div from Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, Illinois and a Ph.D from Oxford Graduate School of Tennessee. Mary Ehrlich manages the U.S. office and accounting for JCF located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They have three children and eight grandchildren.

Jim and Betsy Gerrish (JCF Advisers) have lived and ministered in Israel at different times since 1982. Jim holds an M.Div from Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. They volunteered with Bridges for Peace for nearly fourteen years. In 1997, they founded the Galilee Study Center and worked there until 2001. They currently reside and minister in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have three children and twelve grandchildren.

Dr. Randall Buth (Biblical Language Center (BLC) Director) has lived in Israel since 1996 after spending nearly twenty years in East Africa as a consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators and the United Bible Society. Randall holds a Ph.D. from UCLA in Semitics. He is the founder of the Biblical Language Center which JCF has partnered with since 2002. Randall is married to Margret and they have three children and nine grandchildren.

Gary and Sharon Alley (JCF Communications, Writers, BLC Instructors) have lived in Israel since 1995 (Gary) and 1994 (Sharon). Gary first came to Israel as a Journeyman with the Southern Baptist Convention and then studied Second Temple Period Judaism and Early Christianity at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, graduating with an M.A. in Religious Studies. He is currently working on his PhD. Sharon grew up in East Africa visiting Israel frequently throughout her childhood and adolescence. She holds a BA and MA in Hebrew Bible from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is also working on her PhD. Gary and Sharon teach Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek with the Biblical Language Center. They also taught for three academic years at Nyack College in New York City (2005-2008). Gary and Sharon have three young boys.

Eva and Danny Kopp (JCF Charity, Operations, Adviser) were born in Israel, while Danny grew up in Jerusalem, Eva spent 15 years of early life in the United Arab Emirates. Eva has a BA in Statistics, Sociology, and Anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She worked for AARP in Washington DC as treasury analyst. Danny studied Arabic in Amman, Jordan and worked as a reporter, translator and researcher for the Jerusalem bureau of the Financial Times. He holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is working on his MA. Danny worked for the Rendon Group and as Director of Public Affairs for the United States government’s Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. Eva and Danny have three young boys.