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The Roots of Jerusalem Cornerstone

(1963-1969): Love and War


Le Roy M. Kopp and E. Paul Kopp acquired Zion Christian Mission during 1961-2 from William L. Hull. E. Paul’s son, Charles moved to Israel in the summer of 1966 to head up the ministry. He met Elizabeth Ozdinec in the fall of ’67 after Israel’s amazing triumph in the 1967 Six Day War. Charles and Elizabeth wed in 1969.

E. Paul Kopp forged an alliance for Israeli ministry back in 1959 with Gordon Lindsay. In October 1967, Gordon Lindsay of Voice of Healing/Christ for the Nations requested E. Paul’s son, Charles to accompany his Texas group during their tour of the Holy Land. When Charles arrived at Ben Gurion airport to meet Lindsay’s group, he was informed that one of the tour participants was stuck in Israeli passport control. Elizabeth Ozdinec, a recent high school graduate from Chicago was having difficulty entering Israel because she did not have a passport but rather a laissez passer from the US government which allowed her to travel abroad. Elizabeth was the daughter of two Czechoslovakian refugees who fled the communist takeover of their country and founded a church in the Chicago area. Charles, using his trademark diplomatic approach which would come to aid him in the ensuing years, helped convince and assure the Israeli officials that Elizabeth would leave the country when the tour was over.

Over the next two weeks of the tour, Charles and Elizabeth would begin a friendship, which would blossom into marriage on January 1st, 1969. Charles and Elizabeth continued on with Zion Christian Mission’s work at 33 Prophets Street with anticipation for the next work of God.