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Education: Our Classroom

At Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation, we are involved in many levels of biblical research, development and presentation. We are continually looking for ways to sharpen and build up our own skills while encouraging others, from laymen to pastors, biblical language students to anyone interested in biblical subjects. We offer a variety of tour packages for groups of all ages and interests and we promote study tours along biblical themes which help the reader connect the land with the language and literature of Scripture. We also offer more specialized courses of study from intense biblical language summer courses to one-year fully accredited undergraduate level studies. Some of our members are historical geographers of the Bible, some are specialists of Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts, some are licensed Israel guides and some are pastors in the diverse Christian community of Jerusalem. We wish to share our experiences with the Church at large as we explore the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and prepare to lay foundations for present and future generations of believers.

“The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner” (KJV Psalm 118:22)