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Biblical Study Tours (BST)

Our study tours involve itineraries that follow diverse scriptural themes for all ages and interest groups. We focus much attention on the Land, Language and Literature of Scripture. Our guides have been trained in the backgrounds of biblical literature and historical geography of the biblical landscape. Our tours are designed to bring the biblical world alive through discovering ancient sites and artifacts along with texts that reinforce faith and encourage spiritual growth.

JCF Biblical Study Tours is directed by Yoni Gerrish, an authorized Israeli tour guide and agent, who has been leading and teaching groups since 1990.

There are several study tours coming up that you can join or we can help build an itinerary for your prospective group.

For more information contact: [email protected]

"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage"
--Psalm 84:5

Why Join a JCF Israel Study Tour?

"I thank God for JCF Study Tours, and for Yoni Gerrish..."

If you are thinking about a trip to Israel then I highly recommend JCF Study Tours. I just completed my 7th trip to Israel (Spring 2014) and I have led five of them. As a pastor interested in learning the land of the Bible, the JCF Study Tour has been invaluable in my own studies and understanding of the scriptures. The first three trips I led to Israel were with organizations focused on the standard tour of visiting the “traditional” sites. When we switched to a JCF Study Tour, it changed everything. With JCF Study Tours we visited sites that we never did on my previous tours. These new sites, like hiking through the Negev Wilderness, sleeping in a Bedouin tent, and visiting biblical Jericho, had a profound impact on my understanding of the scriptures.

Our guide, Yoni Gerrish, definitely has the gift of teaching. I have been to seminary and have pastored for 16 years teaching the Bible on a weekly basis, but Yoni has incredible insights into God’s Word that I have never heard before—talk about having my eyes opened!!! Yoni’s knowledge of, and passion for, the Bible fueled a great hunger in the hearts of my group for learning more. After our first tour with JCF we had people return again for a second tour. I thank God for JCF Study Tours, and for Yoni Gerrish who made the Bible come alive and made it applicable for our daily living. That's why, when our church brings our next group to the Holy Land, we will only use JCF Study Tours."

Walter Collace, Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church of El Centro, California


"There is no substitute for reading and discussing specific biblical texts at the very places that the events happened."

After leading a group to Israel in 2012, my wife and I wondered if we should do it again—surely nothing could top that experience. But this second tour has!  Instead of visiting all of the pilgrimage sites, this time, we wanted to make the Scriptures come alive by visiting places in the biblical narratives. Thanks to the blessing of Yeshua and the work of Yoni Gerrish from Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation (JCF), we had a spectacular study tour.

Working with Yoni was an unqualified joy! In fact, although we had never met in person before, the people on the tour could not believe that we had not done this together many times. Not only was the chemistry between us remarkable, but everyone noted how we complemented each other with our perspectives on the Scriptures, our humor, and our areas of interest and expertise. Speaking as a biblical theologian, for me, his conversations about the geography of Israel and the customs and culture of ancient and modern occupants of this land opened the windows to a host of fresh interpretations. There is no substitute for reading and discussing specific biblical texts at the very places that the events happened.

When we got on the plane to return home, we were exhausted physically, but our minds were spinning. We had seen and learned so much. We will never read the Scriptures the same again.  Perhaps one day the Lord will smile on us and allow us to make this journey together again with Yoni and JCF.

Daniel I. Block, D.Phil. Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College