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Israel Relief (IR):

The purpose of this fund is to develop long-term empowerment programs as well as provide immediate relief for individuals and communities struggling to survive and with nowhere else to turn.

Through the Israel Relief fund we at Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation search out those in need who have fallen through the cracks. With our experience and understanding of the local social systems and aid organizations, we are able to meet the needs of many marginalized and ignored people.

Through the Israel Relief fund we strive to step in and fill this gap in the hope of preventing the most destitute from being completely neglected. These often include those lacking clear status within their respective communities: Syrian and Iraqi refugees, South Lebanese Christian families (former South Lebanese Army), adult orphans in Bethlehem, Israeli and Arab prisoners, Messianic Jewish Ethiopian immigrants to Israel, single mothers, the elderly (including Holocaust survivors), and disadvantaged minority families.

It is our hope that in building relationships with such as these we are able to help alleviate at least part of the suffering of so many living in our midst, thus reflecting the infinite love of Jesus.

Ten percent of every donation towards a JCF project or fund is allocated towards administrative costs and staff expenses.

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Love and Charity Beyond Borders

In addition to our work in Israel we have a network of representatives who bring very needy cases to our attention from many parts of the West Bank and Gaza. We have been able to assist many who have no social workers or organized health care systems to turn to. The tension in the region has resulted in the construction of physical walls and barriers dividing the countryside and separating families and communities, but we are committed to demonstrating love and charity for any needy person or group ensnared in the grips of ongoing political crises.

Some of the Ministries Supported By This Fund

Refugees – Tens of thousands of refugees have fled Syria, Iraq, and countries in Africa because of civil war and violence. Nearly 60,000 African refugees reside illegally in Israel trying to survive on a daily basis. Nearly 4 million Syrians and Iraqis have also fled their countries and over a million are currently in Jordan, Israel’s neighbor. JCF, along with other Christian organizations, is dedicated to helping these refugees find stability and accommodation. While we continue to advocate on their behalf, we contribute towards their basic necessities providing blankets, clothing, food, shelter, and medical treatment.

Ethiopian Community – As a whole, the community of Jewish Ethiopian immigrants in Israel struggles for social acceptance and prosperity. Sadly, internal persecution against believers within this immigrant community is often fierce and consequently Messianic Jewish Ethiopians find themselves in a doubly disadvantaged situation. JCF has developed a friendship with several of the respected leaders in the believing Ethiopian community who have gratefully agreed to connect us to families in critical need.

Blind Club – The Tiberius Blind Club sought for many years to get its social programs for the blind residents of its region off the ground. But they often suffered from a lack of funding. JCF has been able to support the initiative of these volunteers and has plans to continue that support. They have created a wonderful program to encourage the blind in their community by helping them to spend productive and creative time with each other out of their homes. This relieves the isolation and depression of so many who have such limited mobility.

House of Light (HOL) – The House of Light is a Christian charity for social aid based in the Galilee. The HOL director, Anis Barhoum is the only evangelical chaplain in the country with visiting rights to meet prisoners. For the past 25 years Anis and his wife, Nawal regularly visit 22 prisons across the country. They conduct Bible studies and prayer meetings and occasionally they are allowed to visit the families of the inmates. JCF helps to supply Bibles in different languages and funds to keep their vehicles maintained.

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