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Syrian and Iraqi Refugees--Urgent Needs 2015

Dear Friends of Jerusalem Cornerstone,

Today, the Middle East is facing a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions.  As a result of the civil war in Syria, over 9 million Syrians have been dislodged from their homes and approximately 3 million of these have fled to neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.  Coupled with this political nightmare, the Islamic group ISIS (or ISIL) has turned Iraq into a fresh battlefield.  Scores of Iraqis have been slaughtered or forced to flee their homes. Of special concern is the plight of thousands of Iraqi Christians who are facing death and persecution from ISIS.

Although swollen with well over 600,000 refugees, Jordan opened its doors to receive more than 5,000 Iraqi Christians during the last few months, many of whom suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder.  The charity work of our organization, Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation (JCF) is now gearing up to help both the Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan.  In November, my brother-in-law, Danny Kopp, and his family, along with JCF’s Gary Alley and his family, went over to Jordan to determine how we as JCF can offer assistance.  Read more about their visit here. Our team members were stunned by what they saw and returned to Jerusalem determined to help.

Our hearts have also been deeply stirred by several messages from Canon Andrew White, known as the “Vicar of Baghdad.”  He spoke at our Jerusalem church, Narkis Street Congregation where JCF's Charles Kopp is the senior pastor. Canon White's recent message, "Faith under Fire," can be heard at our church website.  In that message he described the deaths of Christian Iraqi children who were martyred for their faith.  Canon White highlights that the Iraqi church is under tremendous persecution facing the worst kinds of abuse such as physical beating and intimidation, rape and robbery.

In November, JCF sent one van load of supplies, and we are preparing in January to send financial gifts to pay for mattresses, blankets, warm clothing, school supplies, medical supplies, food, and housing for these Syrian and Iraqi refugees.  We are in close contact with some of the local Jordanian pastors who are helping administer this aid.  

As 2014 comes to a close and we thank the Lord for his bountiful blessings, please consider joining us as we reach out to these refugees in Jordan.  And please continue to keep them and us in your prayers.

Yoni Gerrish 
Israel Director
Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation
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