The purpose of this fund is to provide immediate relief as well as long-term empowerment to disadvantaged children in both Israel and the West Bank. It is our desire to provide such children with experiences and opportunities they might otherwise never enjoy.

To this extent, the Children’s Fund operates in a variety of ways: providing children from broken homes with the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities (such as dance classes, swimming lessons, summer camps, etc.); giving holiday gifts to Jewish and Arab children living in orphanages or from disadvantaged families; organizing field trips such as excursions to the Sea of Galilee, the Mediterranean beaches and Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo. In many cases we provide funds for medical treatments (including surgery) not covered by the respective healthcare systems; and funds for general educational needs (such as books & supplies, transportation, clothes, etc.). Ten percent of every donation towards a JCF project or fund is allocated towards administrative costs and staff expenses.


Beit El is a Messianic Jewish Ethiopian Congregation in Jerusalem with more than 100 members. They struggle to make ends meet, while standing as faithful witnesses for the Gospel within Israeli society. JCF’s funds typically go towards the needs of their families, single mothers, sick, elderly, new immigrants, youth, and children.

Little Hearts Preschool is a unique school where Jews, Arabs, and the nations come together to form a unified community in Messiah. It also strives to provide a quality trilingual (English, Hebrew, Arabic), faith-based education at an affordable cost for locals. JCF’s donation is helping fund an Israeli-certified teacher’s salary who is fluent in all three languages.