We are followers of Jesus who teach the Bible’s ancient Jewish context and serve the marginalized in Israel and the Middle East.


where we come from

JCF's roots in this region reach back before the modern State of Israel. William L. Hull founded Zion Apostolic Mission in 1936 in British Mandatory Palestine.  Le Roy M. Kopp and E. Paul Kopp acquired Hull’s ministry in 1961, first renaming it Zion Christian Mission, then Cornerstone Ministries under Charles Kopp.  In 2002, Jon "Yoni" Gerrish established a new arm of this Evangelical legacy in Israel by creating Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation (JCF), a U.S. non-profit organization dedicated to biblical study tours and charity to Israel’s needy.

where we are going

With the founding of Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation (JCF) in 2002, Yoni Gerrish has overseen JCF’s unique vision—a biblical studies tour organization that sows a significant amount of its profits into helping others. As JCF’s Biblical Study Tour participants have discovered God’s Word in its original environment and learned about the needs of this region, some have asked to support this grassroots work. Over time, others with a heart for this Land and its peoples have also contributed to JCF’s charity outreach. Today, JCF finds itself with a humble but special calling in 21st century Israel—biblical education with a call to serve.

Our team


Yoni Gerrish

Yoni is JCF’s Israel Director and Biblical Study Tours (BST) Director. He resides in Jerusalem with wife, Dalia, and their four children. Yoni is a licensed Israeli Tour Guide for three decades. He is a also a founding board member.


larry and mary ehrlich

Larry is JCF’s U.S. Director and Mary is JCF’s U.S. Administrator. They reside in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and have three children and eight grandchildren. They have worked in ministry with a focus on Israel since the 1980’s. Larry is also a founding board member.


chuck kopp

Chuck is JCF’s Chairman. He has lived in Israel since 1966. He resides in Jerusalem with his wife, Liz. They have seven children and fifteen grandchildren. He is the former pastor of Narkis St. Congregation and former chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Israel. Chuck is also a founding board member.


Eva kopp

Eva is JCF’s Charity and Operations Director. She resides in Jerusalem with her husband, Danny, and their three sons. She is a native of Jerusalem—her Christian Arab ancestors have lived in the Old City for hundreds of years.


gary alley

Gary is JCF’s Communications and Media Director. He resides in Jerusalem with his wife, Sharon, and their three sons. Gary is co-pastor of the Narkis St. Congregation. He is also a founding board member.


teranne arentsen

Teranne is JCF’s Biblical Study Tours Administrator. She resides outside of Jerusalem with her husband, Niek, and their three children.


Laura ehrlich

Laura is JCF’s U.S. Assistant Administrator . She resides in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with her husband, Joel, and their three children.