JCF Newsletter—September 2019

Tel Maresha

this generation is an evil generation

One time as Jesus was speaking to a crowd, he called his listeners an “evil generation.”  Curiously, the only evidence that Jesus cited for that generation’s guilt was their desire for “signs.”  At first take, this is a paradox, because throughout Scripture, signs and wonders are an affirmation of God’s presence in the world and of His work among His people. To understand Jesus’ negativity toward “signs”, we must recall the context of that story.


Charity Report: Your Gifts Helped these Ministries, Individuals, and Families from april to august 2019

JCF contributed $300 towards school tuition for a Christian Arab family in Jericho.

Donald is an elderly Israeli divorcee with four adult children.  He served in the army as well as the police, but in retirement he only lives from a minimal disability pension.  He currently is caring for one son who has mental issues while another son will soon marry.  Because of his financial stress, JCF helped Donald buy wedding clothes for his son’s wedding ($288). 

Sylvia is an Israeli widow who suffers from depression and financial strain.  Though she worked for 30 years in the treasury office, she only received a severance package and not a pension. She now lives in controlled rent housing. During one of the social worker’s visits to Sylvia’s home, she noticed that the fridge was empty and that she could not afford her medication. JCF is helping Sylvia buy food and medication ($854).

Bethany is a married Israeli mother with six kids all under the age of seven. Both she and her husband work. Recently, she returned to work from maternity leave. Her last two children are twins with developmental issues, one of whom suffers from reflux and requires special food.  In addition, their almost two-year-old son needs help for severe food allergies. Due to the severity of his allergies, he needs someone to accompany him throughout the day. The family is required to pay for this out of pocket and JCF is helping cover part of that cost ($1,004).

Alex is a Christian Arab from Bethlehem who manages a non-profit organization for neglected, disabled children.  Unfortunately, this faith-based organization has been having difficulty getting their funds into the Palestinian Authority where Alex receives his salary. Alex is the chief bread-winner for his greater family.  His wife is pregnant and needs to have a c-section. JCF is helping cover the cost of the surgery ($493).

Ilsa is an Israeli mother of nine children on disability.  Her older children live with her while the younger ones live in foster homes and come home for the holidays. JCF helped cover part of her overdue gas bill ($293).

Israel’s national Elections

  • In an unprecedented event, Israel recently held its second consecutive national election on September 17th, five months after a new government coalition could not be formed after the first election in April. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is under indictment charges for corruption. If a new coalition cannot be formed in the weeks ahead, then a third national election would occur sometime in the coming months


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  • Simmons Tour from Nashville (Oct 20-Nov 2, 2019) “The Exodus and the Gospels” 

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  • Allen Family Singers Tour (Feb 1-16, 2020) “The Exodus and the Gospels”  

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  • Ehrlich Tour (Oct 26-Nov 8, 2020) “The Land as a Fifth Gospel” 

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