Israel’s Seven Species: Fig

The FIG is a large tenacious tree which bears a fragile, highly sweet fruit in the hot summer months. The fig, or te’ena in Hebrew, is native to Israel and the Ancient Near East and is well known in many biblical accounts. It is one of the first trees mentioned in the Bible when Adam and Eve used its large, uniquely shaped leaves to sew for themselves coverings.

Israel’s Seven Species: Pomegranate

The POMEGRANATE is a deciduous tree with a deep red, seed-like fruit enclosed in individual pulp kernels. In Israel its fruit ripens at the end of summer, usually during September and October. The pomegranate has a long association with biblical agriculture—from Moses’ twelve spies sent to Canaan who bring back pomegranates as proof of Canaan’s productivity (Num 12:23) to the prophets, Joel and Haggai, who both envision a terrible day when Israel’s prolific fruit trees, like the pomegranate, hang barren.

Israel’s Seven Species: Honey

Honey is a sweet food which is obtained from several sources, the most prominent being bees’ production from flower nectar. Honey was used as a multifaceted, diverse symbol within the biblical text. The Bible’s well-known description of Canaan, as a “land flowing with milk and honey,” has often been interpreted as a testimony to the Land’s abundance and blessing.